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stuck on you:被你迷祝 stuck on [英][stʌk ɔn][美][stʌk ɑn] 被…迷住; 例句:She was stuck on him. He was called "golden tonsils". I knew all his tunes. 她被他迷住了,人们都叫他“金嗓子”。我听过他所有的歌。 stuck [英...

我被你迷住了,简言之我喜欢上你了。 望采纳,谢谢。


l'm stuck on you. 我停留在你身上。 采纳

歌曲名:Stuck On You 歌手:Lionel Richie 专辑:Lionel Richie - Defitive Collection (Deluxe Sound & Vision) - Ntsc Suck On You - Lionel Richie Stuck on you I've got this feeling down Deep in my soul That I just can't lose Guess, I'...

Stuck on youLionel Richie I've got this feeling down deep in my soul That I just can't lose Guess I'm on my way Needed a friend And the way I feel now I guess I'll be with you 'til the end Guess I'm on my way Mighty glad you st...

i am stuck on you的中文翻译 i am stuck on you 我被困在你

《Stuck On You》 歌词:Meiko 所属专辑:《The Bright Side》 发行时间:2012-05-15 歌词对照: I must confess, when I wear this dress 我必须承认当我穿这件衣服 I feel like dancing the whole night with you 我想跳舞整晚和你 And when I...

等于i am crazy about you.我为你着迷。

stuck on you 意思如下: 粘上你 I do not know when stuck on you, coffee! 我不知何时恋上了你,咖啡! Stuck on you that thick but bitter taste. 恋上了你那浓浓的却又苦涩的味道。

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